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Woman doing a plank on rock in Malibu

One of the best things I find that help me out mind and body is getting that big dose of Vitamin D. Last March my husband and I took a trip to LA to photograph a wedding and to also have a holiday – seriously what better place to get your Vitamin D! While still on my health kick I found LA to be full of great places to eat and generally hang out, its a City that is well known for it’s lavish and fit lifestyles after all.

Our first port of call when we arrived in LA was to take a walk down to the beautiful Abbot Kinney, here we found so many great places to eat and shop. We found an awesome active/yoga wear shop called Avocado. I was obsessed, the first time I went in I spent so long in there–possibly 45mintues–I unfortunately didn’t buy anything though, the second time however (again another long stint browsing the beautiful range) I bought two pieces.

Unfortunately as it was quite far back my particular items are now not stocked in the same colours but I bought the Venus Bra Vintage and Fire Legging Vintage at the time I believe I purchased the bra for $35 & the legging for $40–I subsidised price as it was sold from their only store in LA.

I took the outfit out on a little test run while we took a day trip to Malibu. We spent a good three hours hanging on the beach and enjoying the sun followed by a small hike up into the cliffs, we added extra weight to our bags by carrying extra water bottles to get our blood pumping. We were witness to beautiful views of not only the Malibu coastline but to some Whales and also a couple who were having their engagement/wedding photos taken by a drone on the edge of the cliff.

Considering it was one of the hottest days I felt so cool in these dark leggings. They’re so lightweight and sweat absorbing that I felt extremely comfortable throughout the day. As a woman with large breasts too, I found this was a great light-support bra. It held my girls in place beautifully and I didn’t feel over exposed at any point. This is an outfit I regularly wear at home as I prefer to do light-weight workouts in them as I want them to last as long as possible as I doubt I’ll be able to head back to LA any time soon.


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