Review – The Alainah Allure Leggings

The Alainah Allure Leggings by P’tula

rrp: $59 USD

I very rarely give really high marks to leggings unless they come from Lululemon but recently I bought a pair from P’tula Active. I hadn’t actually heard about this brand except from a YouTuber I was watching–and they came highly recommended. With quite a reasonable price at the time (roughly between £35-£40) I wanted to give them a whirl.

Now not many people know this, but my favourite colour is green, but I don’t own any green coloured activewear that is until now. I would say these are my most favourite pair of leggings I have bought in the last 6 months. The fit and feel of them are so comfortable, it’s really hard to get my head around with being such a reasonable price. They have the perfect compression to hide those unfortunate lumps and bumps but also to make your booty look so peachy. They have the perfect buttery feel to them and the sizing is perfect, I wear a UK size 12 and these are in a Medium. I’d also recommend these for petite women/girls, as I’ve mentioned before I stand at a whopping 5 feet and 2 inches and my legs from hip to ankle are 27″ and yet these are the perfect length, fitting just above the ankle WITHOUT needing turn ups.

They are very high-functioning and very breathable. I’ve tried these both as casual wear and also leg/cardio day in the gym. They get a thumbs up on being squat proof and even sweat proof. I think you’d have to actually throw water on these for any moisture to spill through. The compression is great that you don’t get a wobbly tummy when bending over (just me?) and they can be paired with black or white tops/trainers to get the most out of the colour.

What would I change about these leggings?

Obviously I have given such a high ranking review of them, so surely there’s nothing I would change but actually I think what I would change is the logo placement on the leg. I like that their labelling isn’t as obvious as all the new brands being on the back of the legging but I feel that the logo placement is quite distracting. If the logo was the same colour as the legging but just in a slightly darker shade then it probably wouldn’t bug me.

Overall, I’m giving them a 5 star review, other than logo placement (which is not enough to mark down) these are the perfect legging I have been after. I definitely want to collect all colours and try out their other leggings to see how well they hold up too. If you buy any then let me know either on here or over on instagram – @whatgeorgiedid.


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