Review – Align Pant 25″

Align Pant 25″ by Lululemon Athletica

rrp: £88/$98

I have talked about the notorious Lululemon on a few of my posts, if there was a monarchy for leggings then Lululemon would take the crown, sit on the throne and be the almighty Queen. But what happens when I buy a pair that I’m not totally “wow’ed” by—well the whole reason I’m here I suppose—I blog about it.

Owning many pairs of Lululemon yoga pants by far my favourite will have to me their Align pant, the fabric is the Nulu™ fabric which offers a buttery feel. This fabric is also designed to be extremely breathable and is therefore a lightweight material, ideal for those hot workouts and is supposed to give you that “naked” feel. What the Nulu™ fabric doesn’t offer though is a great compression or smoothing and I found this to be quite obvious with this pair of Align pant.

On my honeymoon, as a gift my husband bought me a new pair of Lululemon leggings. I had an amazing time chatting with the staff in the New Orleans store and they were so helpful and informative. The pair I picked were the 25” Align Pant in colour “so merlot”. This colour is quite on trend this year along with the dusky purple tones too, creating a beautiful spring feel. Immediately I was so happy with the leggings, the fit and feel was just so comfortable—I also have a pair of full length Align pants in black and dark purple, so I was confident I would be happy with the texture. However, I wasn’t so aware of the little compression in my previous leggings as they were a dark colour and can be more forgiving. As a lighter colour I was able to notice the few lumps and bumps that I was a bit self-conscious on.

This didn’t put me off though, I quite happily wore my leggings with pride but knowing what I know now about the fabric I would honestly carryon buying this style of legging in a darker tone. The one thing I was not pleased about was the fact that the material started pilling on the seems and also on the inside of my calves and I hadn’t even washed them yet. This was a big disappointment for me because my husband had spent a lot of money yet the material couldn’t even hold up until I got home. The pant wasn’t as sweat wicking as I’d have like either, although it held up during the hot walks actually thrown into a gym environment they were definitely not forgiving.

Overall, not a bad pant. I’d recommend this for some light leisure and probably a darker tone too if you’re like me and have some self-conscious areas. I love the colour but I wish they held a stronger compression that was able to smooth out problem area.


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