Review – Mixx Classic Fit Earphones

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Classic Fit Earphones by Mixx

RRP: £20

When I saw these Classic Fit Earphones in my local supermarket I really wanted to give them a try. As I currently own a pair of Sudio Sweden Tre White, I wanted to see the comparison of a pair that’s £79 vs a pair that’s £20–after all don’t we prefer the cheaper option if it is in fact better?

So what do you listen to? On a day-to-day basis I listen to quite a few podcasts and music from 1-2 hours a day while I’m in the gym. So for me buying a good set of head/earphone is really important for me. For instance a good pair of wireless earphones is important to me in the gym because I need to have little wires mixed up with my weights, I have had many times had my earphones being pulled out because the wires got tangles in my weights/bar. Good quality sound is needed too!!

My Thoughts

I started off with my walk to the gym, its about a mile from where I live and I listen to podcasts on my way. Within a couple of minutes I was adjusting the buds in my ears as they didn’t feel all that secure, but I put it down to how I’m used to having buds that are attach to my ear. On the other hand the sounds quality was great, I could hear the talking very clear but also keep aware of my surroundings.

As I got into the gym I found that I again that I was adjusting the wires and earbuds quite a bit. The side in which the functions were, felt a lot heavier and the opposite side is where the earbud felt nonsecure. Ideally a counter-weight would be preferred to keep the earbud from falling out. The wire was a little long for my liking, I had an adjustable tag but it left a gathering of excess wire at back of my neck which is not ideal when performing exercises with the olympic bar on the top of my traps.

Overall, I really like the look of these headphones and I think they’d be perfect for someone not performing any excess exercises. For me I’d personally use these for work, while I’m retouching is where I do most of my podcast listening so these are ideal for that. As a mentioned the sound is really good, which is great for an earphone but the rest of the functions are not the best. For £20 I would buy these for low impact work.

This post is an unsponsored post. All photographs and words are my own.


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