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I’m not sure how much I’ve spent over the last two years during my fitness journey but there is one thing I would say. I don’t regret a thing, but what I do regret is all the money I spent before it started. If you told me in 2015 that I would be going to the gym on my own, and five times a week I probably would’ve laughed at you. I never saw myself and a cleaning eating fitness machine, I mean I still don’t see myself as that per se but I’m working on it. I’m balancing. I’m balancing my life, investing time to enhance my daily life by making sure I’m fuelled correctly and have the best fitness regime for me.

While I was a lot heavier, I’d spend money on quick fixes, they ranged from the Aloe Vera Clean 9 “Cleanse” that cost me £120 just for 9 days, Fitness teas again that cost me £30 a month to drink two tea bags a day, and fat burner capsules again roughly £30-£45 a pack. Not to mention the amount of money I spent on binge eating after these did not “work”. I automatically thought if someone could do that hard work for me then I’d be happier. Little did I know actually physically doing something and caring about my fitness has made me a much happier woman.

I used to be that person too, the person that didn’t understand why her friends or family all of a sudden we’re really into “fitness”, I didn’t understand their image / physique updates. It actually used to irritate me, because deep down I wasn’t doing anything to really help myself and persuade everyone else as well as me, that I was fine with how I looked—deep down I was crying inside with jealousy for those that were committing. But when I started investing a little more on a well structured plan with my personal trainer I found I actually had so much to give and that I enjoyed what I was doing.

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I would 100% recommend a personal trainer/coach

I found that when I first walked into the gym, I was blind. I didn’t know the benefits of weight training as a woman and just thought my time would be spent on cardio machines, but actually spending money on a personal trainer was the best thing I could do, not only was a getting a plan or exercises structured for me but I was gaining confidence, I was gaining knowledge and I was gaining strength. I was with my personal trainer for a very long time and after we had gone out separate ways I had the confidence and knowledge I needed to execute exercises.

As of late I wanted to create a new structure and try new things for my body. I now have a new coach to push me through, I have a brand new programme split and I also have a nutrition coach to help me . For me, living a life I was scared of is now one of my biggest fears, for me spending money on my health is a no brainer. I neglected who I was quite severely and now I’m getting back to feeling me.


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