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Okay, well I have this newfound love for the girl band Haim. I kind of ignored them when they appeared on the radio last year but now taking the time to listen to their album 'Days are Gone' i'm pretty amazed. What bands/artists have you found a new love for ? 

Do You Donate?


So as we've seen on-line there has been an ongoing campaign for women to share a "selfie" with no make-up in hopes to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. I of course shared a "selfie" (without being nominated) as someone in my family was diagnosed about five years ago. 

But this post isn't just about the breast cancer "selfie", I want to know if anyone regularly gives to charity? It could be cancer research, homeless organizations, etc...? 
I have recently starting giving £5 a month to the UK charity BEAT an organization to raise awareness and act as a helping hand for those who suffer from eating disorders. For me that £5 a month would probably be spent on a book or one days lunch. I've always been a strong believer in karma so not only do I live my life for me but I also try and help others and if I can help anyone at all survive then I will try my damn hardest anyway I can.



Earlier this year I photographed a four piece girl band called the Fallers, who have a folk vibe to them. It's refreshing photographing such a lively bunch and whom have a very similar personality to myself.

Anita the bassist of the group hooked up the location of photographing in her friends' furniture warehouse. It was full of old and new furniture creating an awesome juxtaposition environment. The girls had a solid idea on what they wanted which included incorporating props from around the warehouse including books, xylophones, suitcases etc and including their handmade logo to the shots.

For more photos and to view the girls band please follow their Facebook and support the lovely ladies, and for those who live in the Leicester area make sure to support their first show at the Crumblin' Cookie Thursday 13th March.

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